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SP6 Complete Appetite Control Patch

The SP6 Appetite Control Patch helps to activate specific acupuncture points to help stabilize your energy and to curb your appetite. The patch is a drug-free patch that works without anything entering the body. It uses nanotechnology infrared reflection for its effect…like acupuncture, without needles.

Why I use SP6 Complete Even Though I’m Not Fat

I was recently doing a training for LifeWave distributors when one of the distributors said to me, “Dr. Karen. You look so skinny! Why do you use the SP6 Complete?”

Well, it’s true that I’m not fat and I probably look skinny compared with most Americans that’s for sure. But I recently had my body fat percentage checked using a professional bio-impedance machine while on a cruise vacation with my family. My intestines hadn’t been feeling well for a while so I wasn’t surprised when the trainer told me that I my body fat percentage was too high…28%. Looks are deceiving eh?

But the real reason I began using the SP6 Complete was because I just wanted to try every new patch product LifeWave made, so when it came out, I just began using it. What I didn’t expect was that it really helped a life-long problem I’ve had with yo-yo’ing blood sugars.

In the past, I’d have to eat five or six times a day in order to keep my blood sugars from crashing and feeling unwell. I’d get headaches if I didn’t eat every three hours or so. Even as a doctor I didn’t realize that wasn’t “normal”. I just thought I was peculiar. And it was worse if I exercised because I’d be ravenous after working out.

But then I tried the SP6 Complete and suddenly I no longer needed to eat so many meals during the day. And what surprised me the most was even though I had days that I exercised strenuously, my appetite didn’t proportionately increase! How cool is that?

So I’m a big fan of the SP6 Complete. I use it along with the Glutathione Patches and it not only helps my appetite and blood sugar control, it helps me detoxify the body and lose the fat I’ve accumulated from my intestinal issues.

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