A Drug-Free Solution to Insomnia


How would you like to:

  • Sleep deeper and wake up more refreshed?
  • Wake up less often during the night?
  • Dream like you did when you were a child?

How LifeWave  Silent Nights Patches Work

LifeWave Silent Night patches help the body go into the deepest stages of sleep – Delta Wave, through its patented infrared reflective technology. Whether you’re suffering from menopausal sleep problems or have difficulty staying asleep, Silent Nights can help you get a better night’s rest.

Silent Nights Uses the Science of Acupuncture

LifeWave Silent Nights patches are placed on one of several acupuncture points for it’s sleep supportive effects. One patch lasts two nights, so all you need to do it take only half of the adhesive backing off and place it over your chosen acupuncture point.

Feel free to experiment nightly to see which acupuncture point works best for your body. You should see results in as little as one night or as long as three weeks for severe sleep issues.

Click here to download the Silent Nights brochure ¬†and to see the acupuncture points used. You can also check out Dr. Karen’s LifeWave Videos.

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