Your Solution to Stress:
Recharge Your Energy “Battery”


How would you like to:

  • Have more energy every day without stimulants?
  • Have stable energy throughout the day so you can be productive?
  • Increase your energy to enjoy time with your family?
  • Experience greater benefit when you exercise?

Burn Fat More Efficiently

As we age, our abilities to burn fat for energy declines and instead our bodies burn muscle as fuel. Remember when you were young and could anything and everything in site without gaining an ounce? Well, your body was more efficient at burning fat back then.

LifeWave Energy Enhancer patches help you burn more fat for energy. In fact, at Fenestra Research, it was shown that it helps you burn about 22% more fat when you wear them.

Proven to Increase Strength and Stamina

LifeWave’s Energy Enhancers have been shown in double-blind placebo controlled studies to increase strength stamina by 33.9% in one study of college football players.

Over 300 Olympians used the LifeWave patches during training in preparation for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. In addition countless professional and amateur elite athletes have used LifeWave to help them obtain optimal performance. In fact, world records have been broken with the help of LifeWave patches.

In 2010 in Vancouver, U.S. Bobsledder Erin Pac won a Bronze Medal in the Olympic Games. She is a big fan of the LifeWave Energy Enhancers and it helped her both in training and during her competition at the Olympics.

Olympic Bronze Medalist, U.S. Bobsledder Erin Pac

Are Energy Enhancers Safe?

Two-time Adult National Figure Skating Gold Medalists Karen Kan and James Gann

As with all LifeWave patches, nothing enters the body. In fact, you can even wear them over clothing if necessary. They are nanotechnology devices that work using infra-red light reflective technology and are exceptionally effective when placed on acupuncture points.

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