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What are LifeWave Patches?

LifeWave patches are small patches that you place on acupuncture points to help the body self-heal. Click on the following to learn more about the different LifeWave patches on the market today:

How do LifeWave Patches Work?

They work by reflecting infrared light frequencies in the body. Just like sunlights helps you get a tan, the LifeWave patches use light frequencies to communicate wireless to the body.


U.S. Bobsled Team Member Ethan Albrecht-Carrie


What Are the Patches Made of?

The patches use nanotechnology homeopathic ingredients that do not pass through into the body. You can even use them effectively over clothing. This technology is so cutting edge, people find it hard to believe that nothing goes into the body.

Are LifeWave Patches Safe?

Yes. LifeWave patches are very safe. Since nothing passes into the body, it doesn’t interact with medications, which are a concern if you are taking over the counter supplements and herbs.

How Quickly Do the LifeWave Patches Work?

Very quickly. The IceWave patches can reduce pain in as little as 15 seconds! Users of the Energy Enhancer patches notice increase strength and stamina and energy within 20 minutes of application.

Silent Nights for sleep can take as little as 1 day and as long as 3 weeks (of consecutive days use) to help you obtain deeper, more restful sleep.

The appetite reduction with the SP6 Complete patch is immediate and improves with consistent use.

The glutathione patch increases heavy metal excretion within 24 hours and elevates glutathione levels over 300% in 48 hours of use. Nothing on the market helps you make this “anti-aging” anti-oxidant faster than the Y-Age patches.

Is There Scientific Proof?

Yes. LifeWave is one of the few network marketing companies that has conducted multiple independent studies proving the effectiveness of their products. Over 16 double-blind placebo controlled trials have been conducted and more are planned.

To download research articles and summaries, you can go to

Who Is Using LifeWave?

From busy moms to Olympic athletes, LifeWave has benefited many people looking for holistic health solutions to common problems. Young or old, LifeWave can help you look and feel healthier very quickly. LifeWave has even been used on animals such as race horses, cats and dogs with great results!

Celebrity and best-selling health author, Suzanne Somers, has put her name behind LifeWave. Her latest best-seller, Knock Out, contains an interview with David Schmidt, CEO of LifeWave on the cancer prevention benefits of Glutathione.

Many elite and Olympic athletes have endorsed LifeWave and world records have even been broken. To read what some of these athletes have said, go to:

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