Napkin Presentation (Compensation Plan)

Here is the napkin presentation from Thomas from tonight’s call. After listening to Kim Klaver for the last couple months, I’d caution you to use high numbers but instead be conservative. In the original example, we used $500 commission for each of the 155 distributors. If you’re already making $17,000 a month, great, use the high numbers. If you’re not, then be more conservative, so you’re believable.

So instead of $500 commission for all three levels, I used $100. You can use whatever number makes sense to you for the level you’re at.

Please also note the following advantages of the LifeWave Pay Plan:

1. You earn $20 retail profit on product you sell to a customer regardless of whether they are regular retail or get the preferred price. On Silent Nights for example, thats 33% of the price of the $59.95 product. Most MLM companies give you less than 20%.

2. I have no idea why they do this, but believe it or not, you can still sell retail and earn retail profit even if you aren’t active (on monthly autoship). Mind you, you can’t earn any of the other three ways if you aren’t active. But I don’t know of any other MLM company who allows you to earn income when you’re not buying product! (I don’t recommend you not buying product though cuz your own testimonial is the best selling point)

3. Any volume above 110PV that you either purchase yourself or your customers purchase will automatically be put into your weaker leg. So if you’ve already qualified for cycle commissions, this will bring you faster to cycling (330 on your shorter leg)! Cool or cool!

The example below is an easy way to show the power of 3 generations of Matching Bonuses.


1. This is commission paid to you on other Reps commission checks (matching bonuses)

2. These Reps can be at any level in the binary tree. It’s based on generations of sponsorship.


Lets say your recruit 5 distributors that duplicate. This means they each recruit 5 reps that duplicates – who each have 5. This is what it will look like:



5 1st generation


25 2nd generation


125 3rd generation

155 total thru 3 generations

Assuming they each average $100 per month in earnings, you will have a total commissions earned by these 155 of $15500. (155 X $500).

You earn an average of 22% in matching bonuses on these commissions or $3410 per month.

Original example from Thomas:

If they each earn $500 a month, you will have a total commissions earned by these 155 of 77500.

You earn an average of 22% in matching bonuses on these commission or $17,050 per month.

This is just the Matching Bonuses. In addition you get the team cycle commissions, product introduction bonuses, retail profit and special promotional prizes (cruise with Suzanne Somers for example).