How We Earn Money

There are two options when it comes to earning money as a distributor with LifeWave. Depending on your goals, whether you want more immediate income or long-term leveraged income, you can choose one or both.

  1. REGULAR CUSTOMERS: We sell our unique LifeWave products direct to consumers, either face-to-face or through our replicated website (included with distributor membership).  We find regular customers who buy from us month after month, sort of like AOL or the Cable company, and we earn a percentage of those sales.
  2. BUILDING A TEAM: We also recruit and train other sales people/distributors who do what we do and we earn “overrides” on the volume of their sales as well as our own.

How Much Can You Earn?

It depends on your goals and the energy you can put towards your LifeWave business. Here’s a simple calculation to give you an idea of the income we can earn on the “customer” acquisition side of things.

The average customer pays approximately $90 for a month’s supply of product. The company pays you $20 in profit. Thus if you wished to make $500 a month, you would need 25 regular customers.

2017 LifeWave Compensation Plan

Earning Money Through Team Building

In addition to retail profit, you can earn commissions based on the volume of sales that your recruits do. In addition you can earn bonuses from the company for recruiting new team members.

In addition to retail profit, the other types of earnings through team building are called:

  • Product Introduction Bonuses
  • Team Cycle Commissions
  • Matching Bonuses

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