About LifeWave

LifeWave is a unique network marketing company that has experienced tremendous growth since it’s inception in 2005.

Why LifeWave Products?

Unlike other health products out on the market today, LifeWave is different. Used on acupuncture meridians, it’s LifeWave patch products are patented and have been shown to be effective without any drugs or chemicals penetrating into the body.

Our patches have been proven effective in a number of independent clinical studies and the positive results happen quickly!

We have products for:

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2005 International Adult Figure Skating Gold Medalist, Karen Kan, MD

How Phototherapy patches work:

Why Join LifeWave As a Distributor?

There are many network marketing companies out there including ones that sell healthcare products. Why is LifeWave so special and why should you consider it a fabulous business opportunity? Here are a list of reasons:

Our Products Have Little Competition

LifeWave products are unique unlike the products of other network marketing companies that sell health products like supplements, juices, skin care products etc., we have virtually no competition. While the “juice” companies are battling it out for market share, we stand above the fray with our unique and products.

Our Products Work Quickly

Other healthcare products such as supplements or juices can take three to six months to show a positive effect. Our patches go to work right away. Our IceWave pain patch for example, can reduce or eliminate pain within just a few minutes with it’s thermogenic effect (proven by infrared imaging).

Quick results makes our products easier to market and sell.

We Been Featured on PBS Television

We are the ONLY network marketing company to ever been featured in a PBS Television special. The response was so great to the first showing of this special, the executive producer called up LifeWave and told us that in the fourteen years of his career at PBS, he had never seen a more enthusiastic response. Phone lines were lighting up throughout the show with people wanting to know how to get their hands on the patches.

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LifeWave’s Ambassador Suzanne Somers

Suzanne Somers, a superstar celebrity and best-selling author has become LifeWave’s ambassador. With her notoriety and popularity among women and natural health advocates around the world, she brings great attention to our growing company.

American Red Cross

As far as we know, no other network marketing company has become the American Red Cross’s storm partner. When global disasters hit, LifeWave is there to help bring aid in the form of donations, free patches and the training healthcare personnel. See Haiti photos.

Olympic Athletes

LifeWave is proud to have supported over 300 Olympians at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games, and it doesn’t end there.

More and more Olympians and elite World Athletes are using patches as a natural form of energy balance and performance enhancement. For the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, we supported athletes in Luge, Skeleton, Bobsled and Speedskating.


LifeWave team member Marie McMahon, PTA, LMT with Olympian Skeleton racer Costanza Zanoletti and coaches Tim Nardiello and Dani Locati


To our knowledge, no other network marketing company in the world has as many published and ongoing independent clinical studies on the effectiveness of the patches. Our CEO, David Schmidt, is passionate about conducting quality research.

Since our technology is so cutting edge and so alternative, you can imagine that some people cannot fathom how our patches work and will reject them without even trying them. (Remember in back in the day when everyone thought the world was flat?) That is one of the reasons we are so passionate about conducting ongoing research in multiple countries around the world.

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