New Clinical Study Proves LifeWave IceWave Effectiveness

Research reveals that 94% of participants experience significant pain relief with LifeWave IceWave! 

I am excited to announce the completion of a brand new clinical study on LifeWave IceWave that has been performed by a highly respected medical doctor in France.

Details of the Study:

  • Performed in a well-known hospital with a team of medical doctors
  • Double blind placebo controlled study with 100 individuals
  • The IceWave patches produced a statistically significant reduction in pain when compared to the placebo patch
  • 94% of the people tested with IceWave experienced a reduction in pain

The Primary Medical Investigator was Dr. Pierre Volckmann is currently the Medical Director of a hospital system in France that includes over 75 institutions and 27 private hospitals. Dr. Volckmann is a knight of the National Order of Merit—an honor bestowed by the President of the French Republic to people who have accomplished distinguished achievements. His professional credentials are extremely impressive, including having been the “pain-expert” for the French Agency for the Safety of Health Products (AFSSAPS), which is the French version of the United States FDA.


The legitimacy of this clinical study reveals irrefutable evidence of the effectiveness of IceWave and adds to the recent research that continues to come out supporting LifeWave technology.

To learn more about what IceWave patches can do for you click here. 


For more information about this study, please click here.

Dr. Karen Kan

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