LifeWave Patching Protocol For “Zero Point” Energy

How to Enhance your Spiritual Entry into the Zero Point Field Using LifeWave Patches

My radio show earlier this week with Dr. Dennis about LifeWave and spirituality got cut off at the 30 minute mark and neither of us were looking at the time.  As Dr. Dennis puts it “We were in the timelessness of the morphic field!”.  Aha!

Dr. Dennis and I want to continue this fascinating conversation, however, so next month we’re dedicating the show to the same topic…Part 2 if you will.  We had a ton of folks on the line, so this topic is of great interest to folks.

Since our interview was cut off early, I wanted to share with you a summary of the pyramid patching configuration Dr. Dennis was talking about to get you into that “zero point” energy!! (More coming next month!)

Feel free to post questions right on the blog in the comments and we’ll answer them on the next radio show next month.

Patching Protocol to help enhance your spiritual entry into the Zero Point Field (Where you can set your intentions)

Here’s a hint: You’ll know you’re at the zero point field because it feels like “letting go”, or you’ll feel like you’re in a meditative state.  It will feel neutral, like nothing really matters.  There is no polarity there.  Just One-ness.  At that point when you feel that state, THEN make your intention, your “wish”, of your positive outcome that you want.  Do you want more energy? Wish it then.  Do you want to sleep well? Wish it then.  Do you want a peaceful relationship? Wish it then.  Anything. You name it.   Enjoy and let us know what happens!

Here is the protocol:

Place one Y-Age Aeon patch on EACH of these five points (so you’ll have all five on at the same time).  You can do this during the day or right before bed.  Use a hat or headband if you don’t want them adhering to your hair.

  1. GV24.5 third eye point

  2. GV16 wind gate – back of the head in the notch right above the hairline before you hit the occipital bone

  3. GV8 on the right and on the left – point is above the tip of the ears on the skull

  4. GB20 top of the head where an imaginary line from the tips of your ears meet the middle line of the skull (sometimes it is a bit sore here if you push)

Leave the patches on for however long you want.  Some prefer to sleep with them.


For Dr. Dennis Triple Triangle Back pain protocol which may also get you to this Zero Point state click here for the protocol:


Enjoy, and see you next month!

Dr. Karen Kan


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