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Congratulations to Thomas Burke

Below is a snippet of the article about the Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH) and LifeWave. I met Mr Kip Monrow a truly delightful man who does and has done so much for MOPH and I for one am proud to be involved with them and Lifewave.


The latest initiative Mr. Monroe and the MOPH are undertaking is a business partnership with LifeWave to provide rapid pain relief, increased energy and improved sleep among other anti-aging benefits for veterans, family members and others.

LifeWave and MOPH are looking to help Purple Heart Veterans as well as all Veterans around the country. Suzanne Somers is its national ambassador and it also has endorsements from local doctors such as surgeon Dr. Robert J. Anderson of Jupiter and internist Dr. Rupesh R. Dharia of Palm Beach Gardens.

Thomas Burke, of Palm Beach Gardens — an advisory board member of Life- Wave and a natural health and veterans advocate — has spent much time helping MOPH veterans in West Palm Beach and throughout the state. Mr. Burke is next planning to make a presentation about LifeWave at the national MOPH convention in August in Rogers, Ark.

For his efforts, Mr. Burke recently received the Distinguished Service Award from the Florida Department of MOPH at its state convention in early June.

Many congratulations Thomas you have tirelessly and consistently helped people out of pain as well as helping with sleep issues, anxiety and overall well being, an award well deserved.

This award is the highest award that can be bestowed other than the Purple Heart.


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