Why I am wearing two LifeWave Y-Age Aeon antistress patches at the same time lately…

Double LifeWave Y-Age Aeon Patching

Aside from the Uhe Desensitizing Method protocol that requires two LifeWave Y-Age Aeon patches to help reduce or eliminate the symptoms of allergies and intolerances, I’ve been using TWO Aeon patches on myself almost every other day.  Please keep in mind that I’m the Patching poster child – often wearing as many as five different types of patches per day (Energy Enhancers, Glutathione, SP6, Aeon and sometimes IceWave).  So why am I adding another LifeWave Aeon patch some days?

Over the last year, I noticed that I seemed to be increasingly sensitive to environmental electro-magnetic shifts.  On further investigation, however, it became apparent that I wasn’t getting more sensitive, but rather, the world was shifting too quickly for my body to assimilate the change.  These shifts cause a stress response in my body whereas the usual sources of stress (emotional, toxic, EMF from electricity etc.) were not contributing.   I also began regularly connecting with my patients’ energy fields in order to release trapped emotions.  Even though I wasn’t “taking on” their emotional baggage, I was helping them release it.  This induced a further “stress” to my body that I was not initially aware of.

The sum total of my experience these past few months is that my body wasn’t grounded enough to tolerate these energetic stressors.  I noticed a 7 pound weight gain that began sometime after Christmas.  Sometimes the body puts on weight to “ground” us more.  For others, they experienced severe flu, pneumonia or other catastrophic events.  I feel grateful actually that my experience was ONLY weight gain.

Thus, in addition to doing a spiritual grounding meditation and getting out in nature more, I began using two LifeWave Aeon patches instead of just one.  I muscle tested myself and it seems like I should be using two patches at once every other day or so.  When I began doing this, I noticed that I wasn’t getting sleepy at work as much (a detox sign for me) and I also noticed that I could shed a pound or two of excess weight that I accumulated the day before.  I believe that double Aeon patching has supported me in reducing the stress response in my body and helping me regain my center.

As far as where I use the patches: I often will use a brain balancing acupuncture point with one Aeon patch.  The other LifeWave Aeon patch often goes on a Conception Vessel acupuncture point such as CV 8 or 6, but not always.  I do daily muscle testing to determine which acupuncture point would be most beneficial as well as determining how to combine all the different patches I use.

The end result is that I can be more present with my patients and have more fun (skating! drumming!) in my life despite the energetic stresses that invariably crop up.

Dr. Karen Kan


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