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Mark your calendars. The time has finally come! March 1st through 3rd will be my free Kindle promotion of my brand new book, Guide to Healing Chronic Pain – A Holistic Approach.  Amazingly, it hit Amazon’s #1 Bestseller list within six days of being published!

This book contains over a decade of experience of treating pain naturally, holistically and without the use of drugs or surgery.  This 516 page Kindle book currently sells for $9.99, butwill be free if you download it from Amazon March 1, 2 or 3rd.  I want as many people as possible to have access to this important information so feel free to email all your friends and family about the free promotion.  Here’s the link you want to go to one of those dates:  Don’t worry if you don’t live in the U.S.  Just search your own country’s Amazon page (for example in Canada or in the UK)

If you’ve already got a copy – GREAT!  If you liked the book,  I’d really appreciate you posting a positive REVIEW on the Amazon website.

If you’d rather get the print version of the book, it will be available sometime within the next three months so stay tuned!!  Remember, you don’t need to have a Kindle in order to read a Kindle book.  You can just download the free Kindle reading app. for your PC, MAC, smartphone, or tablet:

This guide to natural pain relief encompasses the body, mind and spirit, and will help you:

  1. Discover cutting edge, natural pain relief tools and therapies you can use to heal your pain with or without your doctor’s consent
  2. Use inexpensive infra-red acupuncture patches to reduce and eliminate pain symptoms within seconds or minutes
  3. Reduce and reverse the inflammation to your body caused by stress, toxins, trauma and drugs
  4. Re-wire your brain and nervous system to get your body’s self-healing mechanisms up and running again
  5. Harness the Law of Attraction and the power of the Mind to remove obstacles to healing
  6. Eliminate negative thoughts and emotional baggage associated with your chronic pain
  7. Reconnect with your Spirit and Higher Self so that your healing can be a joyous journey of self-discovery
  8. Rally the “right” support team to help you heal

Here’s what other Healing Experts have to say about Guide to Healing Chronic Pain – A Holistic Approach:

“Guide to Healing Chronic Pain is not only an absolute must read for anyone suffering from chronic pain, but also for anyone wanting to stay perfectly healthy for the rest of his or her life. In the book, Dr. Karen Kan has set a new precedent of health care for Western physicians to follow in the 21st century and beyond. Taking the reader on a thorough exploration of drug-free, innovative, and alternative medicine modalities such as infrared nanotechnology patches (acupuncture without needles), grounding, energy healing, nutritional therapy, Qi and nervous system balancing, detoxification, and EMF pollution shielding, Dr. Kan synthesizes ancient Eastern healing techniques with cutting-edge science. Dr. Kan’s balanced “Spirit-Mind-Body” approach to healing chronic pain is not only revolutionary but is exactly what is needed now in Western medicine. Dr. Karen Kan is indeed a role model for the Next Human physician.”
~Jason Lincoln Jeffers, Spiritual Teacher, Author of The Next Human

“Karen Kan is a brilliant M.D. who is also a true healer – an unusual combination! In her new book, “A Guide to Healing Chronic Pain,” she has brought together decades of study and a practical approach to the relief of suffering. If you’re in pain, order this book and read it. Her encyclopedic knowledge of the body and medicine is put into practical, usable terms. This book is a work of genius.”
~Lion Goodman
Author of Creating on Purpose
Creator of the BeliefCloset

“Not only has Dr. Kan put together a comprehensive, user-friendly resource for a variety of well- proven healing modalities, but she totally honors the journey of illness and pain – something that many holistic practitioners shy away from.  She invites you into how to lovingly taking responsibility for your pain, but not from the perspective of guilt and judgment.  Rather, she leads you into a beautiful, practical, exploration of what your pain can teach you, and how to remain present and joyful, despite the daily challenges of living with chronic pain.  What a gift!”
~Patricia Lee Jones
Co-Contributor of Bestselling book, Women Living Consciously

Enjoy the book! I look forward to hearing your feedback!

Dr. Karen

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