Introducing Instant Focus & Instant Nutrients


Introducing Lifeway Theta Nutrition


I must admit I am really excited about this one- Theta Mind. This yummy nutritional supplement works immediately in most people to improve attention, memory and focus. Theta Mind is just one of the newest products from the The LifeWave Theta Nutrition line.

Not only does the Theta formula contain no artificial sweetners, colors, preservatives or GMO’s, they also work within mere minutes!

Why the name Theta?

The theta brain wave state is known to begin the process of restoring the body to balance, much like our LifeWave patches. “Theta” state supports the body’s natural rejuvenated state.

How does Theta work?
Our Theta Nutrition line acts as a powerful one-two punch. Theta Activate speeds up the body’s absorption of the premium and targeted nutrients in Theta Mind, delivering results most people feel right away!

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 Theta Activate

A proprietary nutrient delivery system that  activates nutrients for results most people feel within minutes.

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Designed to promote superior cognitive function and support focus, attention, and memory. Feel the difference for yourself!


Why is Theta better than other supplements?

Theta Nutrition is an entirely new health technology invented by LifeWave. While it’s difficult to find quality, immediacy and efficacy in one supplement, Theta formulas deliver all three. They are safe, effective, and stimulant-free.

Most people feel the benefits right away!

Pills and juices on the market today lack a nutrient delivery system, so people don’t see or feel results for months—if at all! Theta formulas are different and are activated by our special nutrient delivery system Theta Activate,  which increases the absorption of vital nutrients into the cell right away, providing benefits most people feel within minutes!


Theta Nutrition Benefits:

  • Activated, targeted nutrients that go to work in specific areas of your body right away
  • Most people feel noticeable results within minutes without the use of stimulants
  • No artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives
  • Delicious, great-tasting formulas with all-natural fruit flavors
  • Gluten free
  • Single-serve packets for convenient, every day use
  • Helps you drink more water throughout your day
  • No drugs, no stimulants, no pills to take

 I have been so impressed with the LifeWave patches and all of their products before,  and I can’t wait to jump on board and try this out. Won’t you join me?  Afterall, who couldn’t use more focus and attention?

If you’re interested to try this product, order at and use Distributor #596082

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