Here’s a post-Thanksgiving gift for YOU!

I’m so excited to announce that one of the most important films in holistic health is now going to be F*R*E*E* for you! Here’s the letter below from the filmmaker David Scharps, about this offer…

In case you missed my Thanksgiving gift to you, your friends and loved ones, I’m again enclosing a link for the film (below). It’s for you to share with everyone you care about—to offer something that cannot be valued: the gift of health. You can cut and paste it, give it to anyone you wish and they can also do the same.

WE FORGOT TO TELL YOU THIS: ANYONE YOU SHARE THIS WITH CAN GIFT IT TOO! There is no charge or obligation to buy anything. It’s simply a gift from my team to the world!

The incredible feedback I have received from sharing my film with friends, loved ones and colleagues, for free, has been nothing short of overwhelming in the most wonderful way. It continues to spark something deep within those who watch it. For people to be able to pass along this powerful message to those who need it most makes every minute of the two years I took to make The Cure Is… such a humbling and worthwhile journey.

Why do we want to share it for free? Because it has the potential to change lives—of people you know—in incredible ways. So, Please join us in spreading this powerful message: that we are all responsible for our own good health, or lack of it.

So, now YOU can help spread health around the globe. Please share this with anyone and let them know they are most welcomes to share it too!

Your complimentary movie link is here:

Yours in gratitude and wellness,

David Scharps

Enjoy the film!

To your health,
Dr. Karen Kan

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