Research reveals Carnosine as “the anti-aging miracle pill”

LifeWave Carnosine patches + anti-aging + telomereCarnosine could be the ultimate anti-aging solution everybody’s looking for.

The possibility of carnosine as “the anti-aging miracle pill to prevent telomere shortening” was recently brought into attention by an article published on and a segment on the popular “Dr. Oz Show”. Telomere is the region of the chromosome directly involved in cell division. This structure tends to shorten as cell multiplies, a phenomenon that is a part of the normal aging process.

Carnosine, on the other hand, reportedly slows down aging by reducing wrinkles and preventing brain plaque formation. It’s also a potent nutrient that protects DNA through the telomeres.

The article states “one study has demonstrated that L-Carnosine may play a protective role in preventing telomere damage and in decreasing the rate of telomere shortening during cell division—which technically is slowing down the aging process.”

Although additional studies are required to prove this correlation, there’s no doubt this amazing discovery has a lot to say about carnosine’s great anti-aging potential.

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