Silent Nights Now Considered a Class 1 Medical Device in Europe!

As LifeWave capped off its DREAM BIG European tour, the trailblazing company has gained yet another landmark accomplishment.

Silent Nights, one of LifeWave’s best-selling products, is now officially Class 1 Medical Device for the treatment of insonia in EU.

The great news was unveiled by LifeWave Founder/CEO, David Schmidt, and LifeWave President, Mike Collins, during the meetings held in various locations including Lyon, France, Copenhagen, Denmark, Vienna, Austria, Milan, Italy, Barcelona, Spain, and Warsaw, Poland.

Says Schmidt: “The Dream Big Tour was an incredible success! In each city we attended, the venues were at maximum capacity, and our members were treated to this first-ever network marketing opportunity.”

It’s important to note that because of this milestone, Silent Nights is now officially known as Silent Nights MD in Europe.

“Being the first networking company to ever offer a Medical Device for the treatment of insomnia raises LifeWave to a new level in our industry”, Schmidt added.

LifeWave is currently the ONLY network marketing company in the world to be able to offer a Class 1 Medical Device for distribution – – an unparalelled feat only trustworthy companies like LifeWave can bring.

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