Building Better World, Better Lives Through “Idiotic ideas”

“Edison’s electric lamp is a completely idiotic idea.”
— Sir William Preece FRS, Post Office Chief Engineer

 What do Thomas Edison and the Wright brothers have in common?

A keen sense of innovation, of course. But for many of us, their success stories are all the more captivating.

On their quest to prove that human flight is possible, the Wright brothers had weathered extreme opposition from the U.S. Army and even from some of the best American scientists. For the naysayers, their flying machine technology was just a terrible product of imagination. But just like the light bulb inventor Thomas Edison, the Wright brothers had proven all the critics wrong and rose above all rejections.

Thanks to Edison and the Wright brothers, we now have technologies that could have been left on the backburner had these great minds didn’t fought as hard.

The same road blocks were faced by LifeWave patch technology during its initial stages.

As David Schmidt, the LiveWave inventor, puts it: “When a new idea comes up, it is far easier to be a naysayer than a visionary.”

This nugget of truth was proven right when he launched Energy EnhancerAt that time, a group of critics ranging from a rich investment banker to an acupuncturist became too pessimistic about LifeWave’s potential. But truly believing in the product’s efficacy and how it can benefit thousands of people around the globe, David pushed through. And that persistence, as we all know, eventually paid off.

David says, “What was interesting is that many people had a wall up regarding the idea that ‘nothing goes into the body.’ However, when people tried the patches, of course they found out that they worked and wanted to know more.”

LifeWave is just another brilliant innovation made possible by a combination of persistence and confidence to the product’s great quality. Resistance from negative thinkers is possible for all endeavors but at the end of the day, it’s the quality of the product that will silence all doubts and pessimism.

From being an idiotic idea, Lifewave is now at the top of its game and will continue to be a life-changing innovation for the years to come.

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