Direct Selling Association Salutes LifeWave Inventor

David Schmidt, LifeWave’s highly-acclaimed inventor, snatched the spotlight once again after Direct Selling Association (DSA) invited him to pen an article for the August 2nd issue of their InTouch email newsletter. DSA is America’s leading national trade association and is widely known for its strict and highly rigorous membership process.

Writing for the “Executive Touchpoint” section, Schmidt underscored the key in staying above the direct selling market in his article entitled “Importance of Innovation“. He said that direct selling companies should always stay on the cutting edge by “offering superior value for products and services” which is what innovation is all about.

Innovation, according to David, is the best way to attract potential distributors because it always leads to better products with superior quality.  He left readers inspired with his message of dominating the world market by continuously combining an “opportunity-based business” with a “highly innovative product line”.

To read David’s complete DSA “Executive Touchpoint” article, please visit:

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