LifeWave Inventor David Schmidt Interviewed on Dr. Karen Kan’s Radio Show

LifeWave’s David Schmidt recently had the honor of appearing on Dr. Karen Kan’s popular radio show to discuss LifeWave and anti-aging. Dr. Kan is a holistic physician, acupuncturist and long-time supporter of LifeWave technology. She first discovered LifeWave while dealing with a debilitating condition that was causing her widespread pain and fatigue. LifeWave patches were a key component in her recovery.

David spoke with Dr. Kan about LifeWave’s appearance in Suzanne Somers’ recently released New York Times best-selling book, Bombshell, where Suzanne interviewed David about LifeWave’s anti-aging technology. Dr. Kan also asked questions specifically about how the Y-Age Aeon patches work to reverse the signs and symptoms of aging and are clinically tested to reduce inflammation and stress.

If you happened to miss the show, you can listen to the archived interview at the following link:–the-new-approach-to-anti-aging

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