Y-Age Carnosine Patch Proven to Boost Athletic Performance, says Research

Dr. Steven Haltiwanger, LifeWave’s Health & Science Director, recently announced the ground-breaking result of a double-blind placebo controlled study. Participated by a total of 30 people, the said clinical research has proven that Y-Age Carnosine patch can significantly improve a person’s athletic performance.

After the subjects were divided into active and placebo groups, they were given a series of athletic tests to gauge their balance, flexibility, endurance and strength. The active group received LifeWave patches, which were placed on specific body locations including points CV6 and CV17. Baseline results were then recorded, again after one week and lastly, after 3 weeks of patch use.

The results speak for itself: After weeks of active Y-Age Carnosine patch use, participants reportedly experienced a significant boost in their athletic strength and endurance ranging from 14.9% to 125%. The same level of improvement was observed on their flexibility (28.8%) and balance (100.2%) tests. Those who wore the placebo patch, on the other hand, either didn’t report any change or experienced a decrease in performance as compared to their baseline.

This significant milestone  only proves that Y-Age Carnosine patches can lead to a better, stronger and an award-winning athletic performance.

Y-Age Carnosine patches
Photo credit: LifeWave

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