Why You Need to Sleep with Silent Nights

New York Times revealed that over the last decade, demand for prescription sleeping pills has increased by 60%. Ironically, people who suffer from sleeplessness and other sleep-related conditions continue to  increase as well. Unfortunately, sleep is a vital physiological need you can’t afford to miss.

Once sleeplessness persists, it can lead to stroke, mood disorders, high stress levels, poor quality of life, high blood pressure and other grave  health conditions.

Sleep is vital for our  body to heal and repair itself. But that doesn’t mean you have to rely on pharmaceutical sleeping pills to get a good night rest. Sleeping pills can become habit-forming and can even lead to accidental overdose if not taken with caution.

LifeWave’s Silent Nights offers an alternative drug-free solution to your sleeping problems. Clinically-proven to be effective, Silent Nights was also the subject of Dr. C. Norman Shealy’s latest study which led to:

  • 80% improved length of sleep
  • 76% improved quality of sleep
  • 52% decrease in daytime sleepiness

For more information about Silent Nights, and to start benefiting from a better and more restful night’s sleep, click here: www.lifewave.com/silentnights.asp

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