Study Proves Silent Nights Can Fight Insomnia and Chronic Pain

Through a LifeWave study spearheaded by Dr. C. Norman Shealy, Silent Nights was featured in the November/December 2011 issue of  Practical Pain Management (PPM). The article focused more on Dr. Shealy’s advice on how LiveWave patch technology  can help alleviate insomnia and chronic pain.

The following are some of the study’s most important highlights:

-After using Silent Nights, a total of 25 participants suffering from insomnia experienced an improved  quality and length of sleep.

– Length of sleep has increased by 88% while daytime drowsiness decreased due to an improved sleep quality.

Another study completed by Dr. Shealy pointed out that “a year later, half of the study subjects who used the patches for a month were still sleeping well.”

With Life Wave patches like Silent Nights, people can now avail of non-invasive, natural and non-pharmaceutical ways to deal with insomnia and chronic pain. The efficacy of LifeWave patches  can be summed up with what Dr. Shealy has said: “there’s not a drug in the world that works that well for that long – and with no complications.”

To read the entire article, and see other instances of LifeWave in the News, click here:

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