IceWave Patch: The 2-Step Approach to Beat Shoulder Pain

We all encounter shoulder pain every now and then. It  could be due to a wrong posture or too much stress in the body. But regardless of cause, shoulder pain can significantly affect one’s daily activities in more ways than one.

Limited movement, stiffness and debilitating pain – – all of these manifestations can simply ruin your day. Lucky for you because there are now innovative ways to say goodbye to shoulder pain. IceWave patches are one of them.


IceWave patches

Marcelle Hanish, a licensed acupuncturist, registered nurse and LifeWave member was the first to discover a 2-step guide to maximize the effects of IceWave patch on shoulder pain:

Step 1: Apply a TAN IceWave patch to the shoulder, on the area of pain.
Step 2: Apply a WHITE IceWave patch on Stomach 38 on the same side of the body.

With this simple approach, you can easily beat shoulder pain anytime and anywhere.

Photo Credit: LifeWave

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