Anti-Aging in a “Patch” – Interview with David Schmidt

David Schmidt Radio Show Interview on Anti-Aging

On Monday July 16th at 12 noon Eastern ( for your own time zone), I will have the pleasure of interviewing LifeWave inventor and CEO, David Schmidt on my radio show.

In light of the recent success of Suzanne Somers’ book, Bombshell, I’ll be asking David Schmidt about LifeWave Patches in anti-aging. I will be asking questions on how the patches work to reverse the signs and symptoms of aging, including the role of stress and free radicals in the development of age-related conditions.

He’ll be sharing some of the clinical studies done to “prove” the effectiveness of the anti-aging patches.

We also talk about the differences between treating chronic issues with Glutathione intravenously versus using the LifeWave Glutathione patches. Listen to David’s answer!

If you can’t make the show time, you can always listen to the archived recording available right afterwards. Here’s how to listen in:

On Monday July 16th, 2012 at 12 noon EDT/9AM PDT, just go to:–the-new-approach-to-anti-aging


Dr. Karen Kan

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