LifeWave Products to Conquer National-Level Gymnastics Events

National-level gymnastics is now ready to embrace LifeWave products, thanks to Mark Kupets, a devoted LifeWave distributor who never hesitated to introduce the brand to a niche close to his heart.

As a father of two world-class gymnasts, he knows by heart that sports as physically demanding as gymnastics can hold certain risks for any professional athlete. For this reason, he didn’t think twice to share his knowledge to those who need it the most. According to him, there was one point when almost 70% of his daughters’ teammates were using LifeWave products to reap amazing benefits.

But as it turned out, that was just the start of his life-long mission.

 As a matter of fact, he recently set up a LifeWave booth at the 2012 AAU State Gymnastics Meet in Georgia on April 14th and 15th to bolster his goal of changing gymnastics one athlete at a time.

Mark set up a LifeWave booth at the 2012 AAU State Gymnastics Meet in Georgia on April 14th and 15th, and snapped a few photos of his endeavors to share with the LifeWave family!

Photo credit: Mark Kupets

And if we’re going to talk about proof on how effective LifeWave products are as pain reliever and energy enhancer, Mark’s two daughters are more than ready to give out tell-all testimonies.

Back in 2004, Olympic medallist Courtney Kupets used Energy Enhancer patches for the first time while preparing for USA Nationals and the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece. She credits her improved athletic performance to the patches and still uses the product on a regular basis.

Ashley Kupets, on the other hand, first used Energy Enhancer patches back in her sophomore year in college and was surprised when she found out that her total body fat measurement was reduced by 4%. As a USA National Team Member, she has also used IceWave patches in combination with chiropractic treatment to combat back pain. As a result, she doesn’t need to receive three facet block shots anymore for pain management and is now living her dreams.

For more information on professional athletes around the world who are using LifeWave to perform at a higher level naturally, please visit:

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