LifeWave Publishes New Sleep Study

LifeWave Silent Nights patch, a drug-free solution to insomnia, has gained additional boost after independent researcher Homer Nazeran, PhD, CPEng (Biomed.) presented the results of a related clinical study during the recently concluded 22nd International Conference on Electronics Communications and Computers.

The said study  aimed to measure the efficacy of LifeWave Silent Nights patch in improving one’s sleep and overall health as well. By using two data-collecting devices called Actigraph and Electro Interstitial Scanning (EIS) which are FDA and EU approved, respectively, several findings were found to be in favor of the Silent Nights patch.

After peforming an accurate Actigraph data analysis, researchers found out that significant reduction in total awake time (22%), activity level (29%) and restlessness (28%) took place during sleep. Significant improvement in the overall health of organs like the thyroid glands and the brain have been reported as well using the EIS data.

Sleep and health are two interconnected phenomena but more often than not, stress and bad habits lengthens the gap between the two. With LifeWave Silent Nights patch, however, a  great solution to have sounder sleep and better health is now within everyone’s reach.

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