Boost Your Athletic Performance With LifeWave Patches

When it comes to sports, body pain (or weakness) often limits even the greatest athlete from achieving perfection. To help them show their true potential, LifeWave has worked hard over the years to identify the most common weak areas of an athlete’s body using state-of-the-art equipments such as infrared imaging and electromyography (EMG). According to Dr. Steven Haltiwanger, Health and Science Director of LifeWave, infrared imaging studies have shown that the hips and gluteals are among the weakest points that commonly hamper athletes from giving their maximum potential.

Athletes commonly have weakness in specific areas such as Gluteus Maximus, TFL (Tensor Fascia Lata) and Psoas regardless of sport. These type of inherent weaknesses can be overcome by LifeWave patches. Some of the most effective LiveWave patches valued among athletes are IceWave patches and Energy Enhancer patches which can be applied directly above Urinary bladder 23 (white on right, tan on left). Aeon patches, another LifeWave brainchild, have been known to reduce inflammation by keeping the autonomic nervous system in tiptop shape.

Using scientifically-proven techniques, Olympic athletes and sports enthusiasts alike can benefit from LiveWave patches both during and after an athletic performance. This is the best time to put sports-related stress and discomfort at bay so if you’re an athlete who wants to have an Olympic edge, contact Dr. Karen Kan and let LifeWave Patches  bring out the best in you.

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