LifeWave Launches Matrix Cell Phone Radiation Shield!

radiation from cell phone Cell phone users have continuously increased over the past few years but as recent studies suggest, there are now more reasons why people should consider cell phones as potential health hazards. Luckily, LifeWave’s new product, Matrix, is on its way to deliver the good news.

Telecommunications companies have consistently denied the link between brain cancer and cell phone radiation but esteemed research groups are now telling otherwise. The World health Organization (WHO), along with American Cancer Society (ACS) and International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), revealed last year how the radio frequency electromagnetic fields emitted by wireless phones can increase one’s chances of developing malignant types of brain cancer. Far from being an outrageous health scare, this issue has urged the public to seek products which can protect them from cell phone radiation. And among these technologies, LifeWave’s Matrix is clearly on top of its game.

A world-renowned company famous for its topnotch health products, LifeWave was inspired to create Matrix after various products in the market failed to prove their efficacy in reducing cell phone radiation during independent laboratory tests. They found out that these products are not after quality so there began the development of a revolutionary product that only promises effectiveness. LifeWave Matrix uses the declassified stealth technology, the same one used by the B-2 Spirit ( a multi-role bomber) in avoiding radar with the use of absorption and deflection.

The Federal Communications Commission or FCC has been monitoring communication devices in the market to ensure that the radiation they emit is within the specific limit set by the agency. However, even small quantities of radiation are not even an assurance that brain cancer can be prevented from ever occurring, the reason why products such as LifeWave Matrix are slowly gaining popularity. SGS, the world’s largest Control and Inspection Company, did the independent laboratory testing to prove the efficacy of Matrix in keeping cell phone radiation to a minimum. The results are quite impressive because according to this study, Matrix  can actually reduce cell phone radiation to an astounding 85%. This is just a proof of  LifeWave’s commitment to excellence and a strong reminder that Matrix is ahead of the pack.

There might be some conflicting studies but more and more experts are attesting to the potential of cell phone radiation in causing malignant brain cancers especially in children whose brain structures and skulls are underdeveloped. If you don’t have protection on your cell phone and want to be ahead of the game to prevent cancer, you better  get your own Matrix today!

The Matrix is currently available for the iPhone 4/4S and will be available for other models in the next 30-60 days. If you want more information or if you’d like to become a LifeWave Matrix distributor, please CONTACT me for more information.

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