Announcing LifeWave’s Newest Product: The Matrix

LifeWave’s Cell Phone EMF Protector Revealed


The 30-day countdown has begun! The newest health product to be released by LifeWave is coming in April. Previously code-named Project Cell Shield, this product’s real name was revealed today: Matrix

Unlike any other cell phone radiation protection device, Matrix has been proven in independent laboratory studies to reduce harmful radiation by at least 85%. When LifeWave CEO, David Schmidt, learned of the growing number of health-related studies showing the harmfulness of cell phone radiation, he wanted to create a product that did what no other product on the market could do. With that in mind, David used recently declassified stealth military technology to make Matrix.

Many cell phone protection products do not shield the user from radiation to a appreciable degree. Others work by modulating the frequency to make it safer for the user, but the downside is that complicated clinical tests are required to prove that it is actually working, making it difficult for non-clinical people to prove to others that they work. LifeWave chose to make the best cell phone radiation blocking device in the world while at the same time making it easy for LifeWave Distributors to prove its effectiveness to anyone.

LifeWave Distributors will have access to an EMF measuring device in order to demonstrate the extreme effectiveness of Matrix in reducing cell phone radiation. David Schmidt already knows that against this gold standard, other cell phone protectors on the market won’t be able to show the degree of protection that the Matrix does.

For more information and to see Matrix “in action”  go to

The Matrix will be available for sale mid-April. As an energy healer, I know first hand the harm of cell phone radiation to the body. If you’d be interested in purchasing the Matrix when it becomes available, feel free to CONTACT me.

This is also a great business opportunity for anyone passionate about EMF protection like I am. If you know anyone who’d be interested in becoming a distributor of this product, please have them contact me.

Dr. Karen Kan


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