LifeWave Study Show Improved Athletic Performance

LifeWave Study Shows Y-Age Carnosine Patches Improves Athletic Performance


The test subjects were divided into active and placebo patch groups. Patches were placed points in the Y-Age Carnosine Patch brochure, specifically on points CV6, right below the belly button or CV 17, on the sternum between the nipples. Subjects were tested using a variety of athletic tests measuring flexibility, balance, strength and endurance. These tests were conducted at the baseline, then after one week of patch use, and again after three weeks.

What was found is that at one week, test subjects wearing the active patches showed significant improvements in the athletic performance test results and that after three weeks the results were even better.

The increase in performance for the active Y-Age Carnosine patch ranged from 14.9% to 125% for strength and endurance tests, 28.8% for the flexibility test and 100.2% for the balance test.

What we learned from this study is that Y-Age Carnosine patches can dramatically improve athletic performance and the longer the patches are worn, the better the athletic improvement. Since I’m an athlete, I’m using Carnosine patches almost every night when I sleep, so that my body can have that energy there during its rejuvenation time.

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Dr. Karen Kan

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