David Schmidt’s New LifeWave Protocol for Sinus Congestion

New LifeWave Patch Protocol for Severe Sinus Congestion


David shared with me his latest protocol that he discovered that worked wonders for his recent sinus congestion. His doctor had advised him to go on six months of nasal steroids, but instead of doing that David tried something new.

David decided to see if using patches in an energetic triangle would be helpful for his congestion.

He took three LifeWave Aeon patches. He put on in the middle of his forehead, above the third eye point. He put another on his nose, approximately half way between the bridge and the tip. The third Aeon patch he used on his right temple. Within a very short period of time, both right and left sinuses started to clear.

When he went to bed, he swapped out the Aeon patches for Silent Nights sleep patches. By morning, his sinus congestion was completely gone and never came back. Even though he didn’t patch the left temple, both sides of his sinuses became cleared.

Thanks David for this new protocol!

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