Brain Balancing with Silent Nights Patches

Balance Your Brain While You Sleep

with LifeWave Patches


One of my patients bought a package of LifeWave Silent Nights patches for her husband. He had a terrible time sleeping. I told her to use the Silent Nights patches each night on a different acupuncture point, the ones listed in the brochure. After five nights, she told me that none of the points worked and she was very disappointed.

I asked her if her husband had tried ALL of the points listed in the brochure. She said no, so I told her to try the last one, just in case. That point was on the third eye (GV24.5) in the middle of the forehead. That night, she said, her husband fell asleep within five minutes and slept like a baby!

Now I know why. I found out two days ago on a patient with anxiety and sleep difficulties that her brain balance could be corrected with a Silent Nights patch on the midline points of the brain, GV 24.5 or GV 20 (top of head). To be honest, I ran out of LifeWave Aeon patches which is the patch I wanted to use, so instead I tried the Silent Nights and it worked. Unlike the LifeWave Aeon patch, however, the Silent Nights patches did NOT work to balance the brain on any of the points on the RIGHT side of the head that I normally use with the LifeWave Aeon patch, typically GB 8 or TB 17. ONLY the Aeon patches worked to brain balance on all the head points in my brain balancing protocol (found on

Thus, in someone with sleep difficulties and symptoms of anxiety and stress, I would recommend using LifeWave Aeon patches during the day behind the right ear at TB 17 (so it isn’t seen)or any of the other points in the protocol if convenient, and then Silent Nights on the third eye at GV 24.5. That way, they can keep and maintain their brain balance both during the daytime AND at night time.


Brain balance is difficult to maintain in anyone with risk factors, which is 95% of the American population. Risk factors include head injuries, car accidents, falls, any neurologic damage of symptoms, use of microwave radiation devices such as cell phones, cordless phones, iPads, WiFi, laptops etc., process food additives, artificial sweeteners and brain toxins (such as mercury).

Brain balance is a necessary part of the self-healing mechanism and without it, the person cannot fully heal. Thus I recommend patching the head with LifeWave patches on a regular basis. For more information see my article on Hormones, Happiness and Higher Consciousness.


Dr. Karen Kan

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