LifeWave: A Better Way to Detox

Ever heard of Photoluminescence? It may sound complicated, but put simply it’s really “Photo” which means light and “luminescence” which means emission of light. When used as a treatment, it uses ultraviolet light to increase oxygen in a person’s bloodstream in order to produce healing effects. In traditional photoluminescence therapy, ultraviolet light is administered into the bloodstream using a small needle, producing an all-over detoxifying effect.

While this therapy may be effective, it is also invasive. LifeWave’s cutting edge technology also uses light energy to detoxify and heal the body, but in a far less invasive way than photoluminescence therapy. LifeWave patches do not contain drugs or stimulants and needles are not necessary in order to produce detoxifying results.

Use Y-Age Glutathione, Carnosine and Aeon patches for detoxification, and to help rid your body of waste, pollutants, heavy metals and other toxic substances. The LifeWave Handbook demonstrates basic and advanced placement protocols for the Y-Age system, and explains how Energy Enhancer patches can sometimes yield detoxifying results as well.

Before detoxification, it is important to have a good system of hydration (at least 1/2 oz per pound of body weight in pure water daily), and daily regular bowel movements (so that toxins can exit the body).

To purchase a copy of The LifeWave Handbook, distributors can order through their back office. Customers, please contact your LifeWave Distributor.

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