Y-Age System Helps Battle Frailty in Aging

Frailty is something that we tend to associate with old age. By definition, frail means “physically weak” or “easily broken or destroyed.” Being frail increases susceptibility to diseases and conditions such as cognitive difficulties and muscle atrophy. Most people assume that with old age, frailty is inevitable. But research is pointing in a different direction. New evidence suggests that frailty may be increased by chronic inflammation and large levels of stress in the body. This means that just because your body gets older, doesn’t mean that you have to become frail.

LifeWave members already know that the Y-Age system of Glutathione PatchCarnosine Patch and Aeon Patch are a great way to battle the effects of aging and help naturally decrease the body’s levels of inflammation and stress. Glutathione, the master anti-toxin, helps the body rid itself of harmful toxins such as free radicals, heavy metals and other pollutants that can wreak havoc on your body. Carnosine is an important anti-oxidant that helps the body restore its older cells into healthier younger cells. And then there is Aeon, clinically tested to reduce inflammation and stress and restore your body to a healthy balance. Using LifeWave’s Y-Age system, you can help your body battle not only the effects of aging, but the dangers of frailty as well. Live life to the fullest, and the longest!

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