How I used LifeWave Patches to Prevent Getting Sick

A few weeks ago I shared with my team an effective patching protocol that I used when I felt the first signs of getting sick while in an air-conditioned car with my parents on our way to my cousin’s wedding.

My mother didn’t know she had the air conditioning on in the back seat and I had asked her to turn it off. She didn’t know how. And being vain, I didn’t want to cover my nicely coiffed hairdo with my hat, so I thought I could tolerate the slight coldness on my body.

Unfortunately, it only took a few minutes of feeling that air conditioning on my head and pretty soon, my whole neck stiffened up and I began feeling a headache.

I had no Chinese herbal remedies, Vitamin C or Colloidal Silver in my evening purse, but I did have some patches. I had IceWave patches not Energy Enhancer patches which I would have preferred.

Suddenly I remembered the acupuncture points for┬áthe prevention of cold symptoms! I used the white and tan patches on gallbladder 20, the Wind Pond point in acupuncture. Normally in acupuncture, we’d needle this sensitive point and stimulate it rather vigorously. Luckily I didn’t have to do that to get the desired result!

GB20 Acupuncture point

Within 3 minutes of patching, my neck started to relax and the headache disappeared and I was able to enjoy the entire wedding symptom-free…and I never got sick! On the way back home, we found the button to turn off the air conditioning in the car too!

Dr. Karen Kan

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