Clear Skin Thanks to LifeWave

Glutathione Patches Got Rid of My Acne Pimples


What woman doesn’t want to look good? Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve always liked to look “pretty”. The vanity came from my mom, so she says :). But when I hit the teen years, suddenly my skin broke out massively in pimples. But even as a child, I always had rough itchy patches. The doctor said it was eczema.


So for most of my adult life I wore a LOT of make-up. I was the “expert” in non-comedogenic (non-acne causing) foundation. I did whatever I could to cover up my rough patches and facial acne.

During my impending divorce things were REALLY bad. See the photo below where my skin was red and literally littered with acne. Running my fingers over my face, I would literally cry I was so depressed.

My pimpled skin before LifeWave Patches

Finally I discovered LifeWave Patches. When the LifeWave company released it’s first skin care patch, the Y-Age Glutathione Patch, I jumped at the chance to try them. I was pretty¬†desperate, although I’m sure Revlon was pretty happy with all the make-up I was buying every month.

Within three weeks of using the Glutathione Patch daily, I noticed that when I ran my fingers over my face, it wasn’t as rough. By the end of three months, the rough spots on my arms and legs disappeared and my face was almost completely clear of acne!

Since then I’ve used the Glutathione patch almost every day. I drink lots of water and keep my bowels moving so that the glutathione patch can mobilize the toxins OUT of my body.

Honestly, I have a BEST skin I’ve had since I was five! I’m thrilled!

Here’s a “post” LifeWave Patch photo:

Candid "no make-up" photo of me with my fabulous "new" healthy skin!

So if you have skin problems, I recommend you try the entire Y-Age line of Aeon patch (anti-inflammation), Glutathione patch (detoxification) and Carnosine patch (skin repair) every day.

Dr. Karen Kan

PS. I almost NEVER have to wear make-up these days except during skating performances and formal photos with the family! Cool or cool?

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