LifeWave Helps Iron Man Qualify for World Championship

Sergi Isern is no stranger to Iron Man competitions; in fact, he just qualified for the world championship. Sergi began competing in triathlons in 1988 and has participated in over a dozen triathlons throughout his career. But do you know the secret to his success? LifeWave patches! Sergi’s most recent competition was in England at the Iron Man Bolton, held in July 2011. He placed 65 out of 1,300 participants! In his age class of 40-44 year olds, he placed 9 out of 280. This amazing performance qualified him to attend the Ford Iron Man World Championship, taking place October 8, 2011.

LifeWave is proud to support and sponsor Sergi in his athletic efforts and has donated a 3-month supply of patches for him to use while he continues to train and compete. Many thanks to LifeWave member Maria Dolors Pons who coordinated this sponsorship effort and Jimmy Wan who shared this great story!

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Iron Man Sergi Isern crosses the finish line at the Iron Man Bolton,
while using LifeWave patches on Heart 3.
Iron Man Sergi Isern

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