LifeWave Donates More than $1,000,000 in Patches

LifeWave has partnered with non-profit organizations across the United States to facilitate the donation of more than 15,000 packages of patch products to those who need it most in various parts of the world. The value of this donation is in excess of $1M USD! The massive effort has been organized and spearheaded by LifeWave distributor Thomas Burke.

As part of the campaign, 20 healthcare providers from across the United States made a trip to Haiti on June 25 to administer LifeWave patches to thousands of Haitians suffering from a host of issues, such as pain, exhaustion, lack of sleep and muscle tension.

The Haiti donations were coordinated through two non-profit organizations based in Florida, the Hands Together of the Palm Beaches and the Association of Haitians Living Abroad for Development (AHVED). The patches will be distributed through two major hospitals and 23 clinics in Haiti that operate under the Haitian Heath Department.

Prior to making the trip to Haiti, healthcare providers participated in patch training sessions led by Thomas Burke and LifeWave distributor Dr. Karen Kan, M.D. The sessions were conducted via webinar and ensured each healthcare provider was prepared to make the most effective use of the patches.

As this project unfolds over the next several months, more healthcare practitioners will be travelling to clinics in other parts of the world to provide pain relief, more energy, better sleep, and to boost antioxidant levels.

“We feel privileged to be able to help so many people on such a large scale, said LifeWave Founder & CEO David Schmidt. “In doing so, we are moving forward our mission of helping people live longer and healthier lives in a significant way.”

Healthcare practitioners travelling with the non-profit organization Hands Together of The Palm Beaches instruct a clinic visitor on the use of LifeWave patches in Haiti.

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