Recent Study Shows Silent Nights Improves Sleep

You can rest assured that Silent Nights Patches are a highly effective aid for improving sleep. A new study of the LifeWave sleep patch has revealed some significant and impressive results. Researchers found that Silent Nights Patches produced statistically significant improvements in both qualitative and quantitative measurements of sleep when worn over a two-week period. Not only that, the patch was also shown to enhance markers of organ function.

Researchers used three different tools to assess the sleep patches. All study participants wore an FDA approved Actiwatch to measure movement during sleep; Interstitial Scans (EIS) of different organs were used to show physiological functional status of the organs; and the Leeds sleep evaluation questionnaire and sleep diary were used to gather subjective evaluation of sleep.

All three evaluation tools demonstrated significant improvements in sleep. The Actigraphic data analysis showed, on average, a

  • 29% reduction in activity level during sleep
  • 22% reduction in total awake time
  • 28% increase in ratio of time in bed over awake time
  • 27% reduction in restlessness.

The Leeds sleep evaluation questionnaire and sleep diary data showed considerable qualitative improvements at the end of the study period.

Additionally, statistical analysis of the EIS data revealed that there was a statistically significant improvement in cellular physiologic functional status of the brain (frontal lobe, temporal lobe, hippocampus, hypothalamus), cardiac ventricles, adrenals and thyroid gland at the end of the study period when compared to baseline data.

We are very enthusiastic about the overwhelmingly positive results of this study and are currently submitting it for publication!

Visit ( to view an abstract.

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