LifeWave Protocol for Skin Health

LifeWave Patches For Soft,  Smooth Skin


Here’s the LifeWave Protocol I use for skin and organ health:

  1. Daytime: Y-Age Glutathione patches, Energy Enhancers patches
  2. Nighttime: Y-Age Aeon patches, Y-Age Carnosine patches
I do this seven days a week, and when I need to for other symptoms, I add in SP6 Complete for appetite control, Silent Nights for sleep (when I’m travelling). I just follow the points in the brochure and use the ones that are most convenient with one exception. At least four times a week, I use the Y-Age Aeon patches on my forehead (GV24.5) to support my hormones and to balance my brain (see Brain Balancing).

As far as I can remember, I’ve always had problem skin..even as a child. It was either eczema or acne or some weird rash I can barely pronounce. Now I know it was because I was given antibiotics as a toddler for recurring urinary tract infections. The antibiotics killed my healthy gut bacteria which, over the years, led to a “leaky gut”.

Because my colon health was damaged, it couldn’t properly detoxify my body…and thus my “toxins” had to be released through other means…the skin. Not pretty.

I had always had super bumpy skin and acne on my face since puberty. It was so frustrating to have worse skin than my 70 year old mother! When LifeWave first came out with the Glutathione Patches, I was utterly amazed that after just three weeks I could feel a difference in the texture of my skin.

As the months passed, the skin on my arms and legs became super smooth as well and now they are baby-soft. Whoo hoo!

Then with the addition of the LifeWave Y-Age Carnosine (for cellular repair) and Y-Age Aeon (decrease inflammation and stress), my skin has also become much more elastic. Slowly but surely, I can see where the cellulite (toxin build-up under the skin) is disappearing.

After suffering from fibromyalgia and adrenal fatigue and having my connective tissues literally “freeze up” from toxins, I’m happy to say that my flexibility is coming back..and that’s important for us adult figure skaters!

I’d advise using the skin health protocol for at least three months. You’ll likely get results within the first month, but personally, I plan on doing this protocol indefinitely! Why get wrinkles when you don’t have right?

Dr. Karen Kan

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