Tour de France Veteran Gets Energy Boost

On July 7, 66-year-old cyclist Michel Pourcelly set off for his 18th run at the Tour de France. This time, the Tour veteran was armed with a weapon that was never before at his disposal, LifeWave Energy Enhancer patches. Michel discovered the patches through a meeting held by LifeWave distributor Frederic Larche. He left that meeting excited to see if they would give him an edge in his training and noticed a significant impact right away.

Michel first tried the patches on a 160-kilometer round trip ride from the Chevreuse Valley to Rambouillet in France, a journey he completes every week. With the patches, he marked a 2.5 hour reduction in his time on the route, despite a headwind into Rambouillet. Michel states of his experience with Energy Enhancer patches, “It’s incredible. I cannot believe it. My performance with the LifeWave patches has been excellent.” On another training ride, he noted that he was riding faster, for a longer period of time and didn’t feel tired after the ride.

Michel hopes that he will see the same boost in performance at the Tour de France. We wish him the best of luck and can’t wait to hear about the results!

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Energy Enhancer Patches Boosts Athletic Performance

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