LifeWave Horses Win Big at Barrel Racing Championships

LifeWave Patches continue to make a big impact in the equine industry. For two weeks in a row, horses wearing LifeWave patches claimed National Barrel Horses Association (NBHA) State Championship titles! Barrel racing is a rodeo event in which competitors race for the fastest time around barrels. The sport takes a tremendous amount of coordination between rider and horse.

First, on the weekend of May 27 to May 29, LifeWave member Sharalee Fiore won the 2001 New York NBHA State 1-D Championship with her horse Diesel. Sharalee’s mother, Sue Fiore, and her horse Copenhagen also went home winners, clinching the 2011 NY NBHA State 3-D Senior Championship title. Both horses were wearing LifeWave patches.

The following week Niki Shanks and her horse BJ claimed the 2011 Alabama NBHA Open 1-D State Championship title. BJ was wearing LifeWave patches on his shoulder points.

Congratulations to all our LifeWave winners!

Niki Shanks and her horse BJ at the NBHA Alabama State Championships

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