Hormones, Happiness and Higher Consciousness

Over the last month, I’ve been doing Brain Balance Testing on all my patients who come into the office. All who are currently suffering from their illness score “abnormal” on the test. I’ve gotten into the habit of patching their heads with LifeWave Patches, specifically the Aeon patch, while doing acupuncture on them. I find that the acupuncture treatment benefits last longer and are more pronounced when my patients are Brain Balanced first. (see previous article)

My patients often go home with “homework” i.e. they are instructed to “patch their heads” daily until I see them again in a week or two to check their brain balance. It is rare they require longer, but what I notice is that if they don’t brain balance easily, it is usually because of electronic equipment in their bedroom when they sleep at night such as a clock radio, cell phone, cordless phone etc.

Important Glands in the Brain

The head points I use most often are:

  1. GV20 – top of the head – Pineal Gland, Thalamus, Hypothalamus Seventh Chakra (connection to Heaven)
  2. GV 24.5 – third eye between eyebrows – Hypothalamus, Pituitary Gland, Pineal Gland, Sixth Chakra (connection to intuition)
  3. Behind the right ear on mastoid for brain balancing during the day when you don’t want the patch to be “seen”

After a couple weeks of patching the head acupuncture points with Aeon patches, I’ve been noticing a significant trend among my patients. Those that do their homework consistently all report positive life changes and not just improvement of their physical status. These improvements include:

  • deeper sleep
  • happier, joyful disposition
  • less self-judgment and more self-compassion
  • thicker, shinier hair
  • a sense of contentment with life
  • the ability to deal with stressful situations with grace and ease
  • getting along better even in stressful relationships
  • tendency to follow higher guidance instead of succumbing to choices based on fear
  • more clarity in their lives
  • attracting more money, better careers without trying
  • deeper connection to Spirit/God
  • sexual rejuvenation
  • ability to let go of relationships or situations that aren’t for their highest good
  • things they weren’t motivated to do (drudgery) are now easier (examples include exercise, cleaning, organizing etc.)

So how is this possible?

I’m not sure. All I know is that the combination of the Aeon patch and using head acupuncture points is doing the job. If there ever was a Holy Grail in energy medicine, this is the closest I’ve experienced. I’ve never seen one product work so elegantly, so simply and so quickly.

I’ve also noticed that the doses of other energy medicine and supplements required have dropped dramatically since I began patching my patients’ heads. For example, one of the brands I use commonly recommends a dose of about 30 drops a day for the average adult, but lately, I’ve muscle tested the dosing to drop exponentially over a few weeks to an average of 4-5 drops per day.

You know what is funny? Some of my patients are not self-aware enough to notice they’ve changed…except that people around them are noticing how different they are! One man said a waitress remarked on two different occasions in one week on how happy he looked. Another of my patients said her hairdresser who hadn’t seen her in a couple of weeks kept telling her how beautiful and thick her hair was today.

So what do I recommend once someone is Brain Balanced? Well, I recommend regular head patching at least three times a week if not nightly. Why? Because for some, they could use an extra hormone boost (menopausal women who can’t sleep for example) so I want them to stimulate those brain glands regularly.

The second reason is that natural weather phenomenon (and unnatural man made weather phenomena) can shift the brain out of balance. Examples include severe thunderstorms, hurricaines, earthquakes (we had four on May 15th that were over 6.0), Tsunamis, etc.

I’m so excited about discovering how the Aeon patches can enhance consciousness, that I’m almost tempted to create a T-shirt that says,

Have a Problem?…Patch Your Head!


Dr. Karen

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