LifeWave News: Disabled Woman No Longer Fears Wheelchair

LifeWave Distributor Maria Dillhunt

For years, Maria Dillhunt has not been able to walk without two canes.  Because of her disability, she knew there was a good chance that one day, she’d end up in a wheelchair. The image of the wheelchair haunted her.

Chronic back pain was Maria’s daily friend and even a ten minute shower was so exhausting that she’d have to rest a few hours before doing anything else.  Emptying the dishwasher would take all day because she’d have to keep sitting down to rest after only five minutes on her feet

Maria has been doing network marketing for forty years. She was part of Amway when few women were “doing the business”. She laughs when she relates the story that the first Amway “women’s workshop” consisted of training wives on how to best support their husbands in the business. That didn’t deter Maria. She always had an inner strength and determination.

Maria was taking high quality supplements for years.  Though they seemed to help manage pain and other symptoms, her physical condition continued to decline.  Little did she dream that one day she could begin reversing her disability.

A little over a month ago, Maria decided to research new network marketing opportunities. Finding no suitable supplement companies, she turned to other “alternative” healthcare products. She found LifeWave and was intrigued by it…so intrigued that she researched the company and its distributors for three solid weeks.

LifeWave Distributor Maria Dillhunt

She found Dr. Karen’s team site here at Experience LifeWave and knew she had found her new “home”. Anxious to start her LifeWave patches right away, she signed up as a Gold distributor the same day she spoke to Dr. Karen on the phone.

Maria started using the Energy Enhancer patches for the first week as instructed by Dr. Karen and then added the LifeWave Aeon patches. After the second day of Aeon patching, her back pain was gone. She could shower and empty the dishwasher without pain or having to sit down and rest.

Very encouraged, Maria began using all three components of the anti-aging system: Aeon patches, Glutathione patches and Carnosine Patches using the points outlined in the brochure and handbook.

Then, a few days ago Maria had a courageous breakthrough…she walked two steps without either of her canes! Three days later, she was determined to try again.  She convinced herself that she would try taking five steps. She visualized herself telling Dr. Karen about her success.

So Maria boldly set aside her two canes and began walking (or “shuffling” as Maria puts it). She started gingerly, with one step, then two, then three, then four, then five, then six….

By the time she was finished, she had counted forty, yes 40, steps in total!

Maria finally sat down and tears of joy started streaming down her face. Sobbing, she realized that the image of the wheelchair no longer had to haunt her thoughts. Not only was she preventing further decline of her condition, she was actually experiencing a reversal. Emotions of shock, disbelief, and gratitude all mixed in together.

During Monday’s Team Training, Maria exclaimed, “I’m so happy I found LifeWave!” as other members of the team got teary-eyed after hearing her amazing story.

Maria is an inspiration to disabled people everywhere. Together with LifeWave technology, people with Maria’s intuitive foresight, faith and determination have happier options besides just tolerating pain and disability.

Congratulations Maria!

Click HERE to contact Maria and learn more about LifeWave. Let us know you were inspired by Maria’s story!


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