LifeWave Training: How to Patch for Mental-Emotional Issues

I’ve noticed that over the last three months that I’ve been using the Aeon Patches for brain balancing, that remarkable things are happening with my patients. Not only are they getting better from their symptoms at a much faster rate and staying better (not relapsing), they are happier and making more positive decisions in their daily lives.

In the past, it would take about two years of counseling in order for some of my patient to make significant positive changes in their lives: getting into the habit of regular exercise, being assertive at work and at home, letting go of co-dependent relationship patterns, letting go of complaining, blaming or self-victimization etc.

For some, it didn’t matter how much counseling, coaching or acupuncture I gave them, they just couldn’t make the “right” decisions for their highest and greatest good. Or course, their symptoms would be better with the acupuncture and they appreciated my support, but it was challenging to witness the lack of improvement in their “level of consciousness”.

Recently, however, I’ve noticed that what used to take two years is now taking only two months…or less. Remarkably patient after patient who’s been brain balanced has been telling me all the positive changes they’ve made in their daily lives. Many have told me that they feel like a brand new person. No longer were they arguing with their spouse and children, or letting a critical comment ruin their day, or letting a co-worker take advantage of them.

They tell me that they are now able to “let go” more than ever before. Wow. All week, my jaw has been dropping in disbelief at the stories my patients are telling me. What used to be “hard” to do, is now “easy”.

Given my current experience, I recommend the following protocol for mental-emotional issues:

  1. Start with Aeon patch daily on the head. Use any these three brain balancing points (or rotate through them): GV 20 (governor vessel 20, top of head), GV 24.5 (governor vessel 24.5, third eye, forehead), TB 17 (triple burner 17, behind RIGHT ear lobe on skull)
  2. For emotional issues such as low mood, irritability, anxiousness, add a set of Energy patches on a three-day rotation to these points: LV3 (liver 3), LU1 (lung 1), or PC6 (pericardium 6) – white patch on right, tan on left.

The Aeon patch is well hidden behind the ear (TB17 point) if someone wishes to use it during the day. Other options are sticking it to the underside of a baseball cap, headband or scarf (for GV 24.5 and 20).

You may also wish to use the Aeon in the evening a few hours before bedtime and wear it while sleeping so you don’t have to patch your head during the day.

After the first week or two of using Aeon on your head, you can then use other acupuncture points listed in the brochure and just do a “brain tune-up” by patching your head once or twice a week.

Continue using the Energy patches as above, patching your favorite points based on your own personal experience. My mom used LV3 alone for almost five years straight because she liked it so much.

If this has been helpful to you, please comment!

Dr. Karen Kan

P.S. Often people have mental-emotional issues due to toxicity (heavy metals etc.), so using the Glutathione patches for detox and the Carnosine patches for repair, would also be recommended on a regular basis. You can use Glutathione  patch during the day (pick your favorite points from the brochure) and the Carnosine patch at night.

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