IceWave Study Up For Publication

A recent study shows that IceWave patches have a significant effect at reducing both intensity and perception of pain severity. This particular study have also been accepted for presentation at the 2011 Southern Biomedical Engineering Conference (SBEC), a three-day event this May in which professionals and students share information about emerging developments in the field of biomedical engineering. The paper will be published in the peer-reviewed conference proceedings.

For this study, researchers used a device called an Electro-Acuscope to evaluate intensity of pain before and after wearing IceWave patches. It monitors nerve conduction between two electrodes. Perception of pain was measured using a Visual Analog Scale (VAS), a tool which asks participants to rank their pain on a scale.

The overall data in this study demonstrated that IceWave patches, when applied to pre-designated acupuncture points, produced a highly significant (p < 0.001) reduction in both quantitative and qualitative measures of pain with an average statistical power of at least 94 percent!

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