LifeWave Distributor: Jaxine Bubis, Colorado Springs, Colorado

LifeWave Distributor, Jaxine Bubis with husband Dan

Hi, I’m Jax Bubis and I live in Colorado Springs with my computer guru hubby, Dan and Toby, the dog. I’m the mom of three grown children and seven grandchildren. I have been in MLM for years and feel like LifeWave is the company I’ve waited for all my life.

Dan and I have had an amazing life. We’ve done so many things. But on our adventure, we didn’t plan much for the future. We can’t see ourselves as greeters at Wally World, so we are looking to build residual income for our retirement.

I found out about LifeWave from Kim Klaver. After getting disenchanted with some of the big online marketing gurus, I wanted to get back to basics with Kim. While researching, I found Dr. Karen. I joined the team without even trying the patches. It took only one day with the Energy Enhancer patches to put the icing on the cake.

I believe these products are perfect for for busy professionals who are sick of running out of steam mid afternoon like I used to.

Before I began using this product, I was someone who’d be busy on the computer seven hours a day and I just slumped in the afternoon. And at night – forget it! The minute I sat down in the Lazy Boy, I’d be snoozing. And it was only 7:30! So much for quality time with the hubby.

I tried drinking coffee in the afternoon and it made no difference. And I tried energy drinks and they made me jumpy.

So then I tried LifeWave products and the first time I used it I felt great, I was focused all day and got a lot more work done. That night I totally stayed awake and had a good evening with my husband. And now I have more energy for skating and hiking and doing the things I love.

I love the patches. They are completely unique. The science is solid and the stories inspiring. It doesn’t hurt that the retailing money is so good. But I’m at a point in my life that I couldn’t convince myself to recommend a product that wasn’t top quality, no matter how hard I tried.

So, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. LifeWave patches keep my energy up and my stress down. And the opportunity is helping us build our retirement.

Jaxine Bubis

Stress Management Consultant

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