Protecting Yourself from Radiation Damage

After the recent Japan earthquake disaster, many people have been concerned about radiation risks to their health. Articles have pointed out to the use of potassium iodide to help block radioactive iodine from damaging the thyroid gland. Other articles suggest using supplements such as additional vitamin C and anti-oxidants pills and drinks to offset the “free radical” damage that radiation can create.

What most people don’t know, however, is that LifeWave’s Anti-Aging product line, Y-Age, can be an important tool in addressing free radicals in our system as well as modulating the inflammation that can be the result of radiation exposure.

The Glutathione patch helps elevate your own body’s production of glutathione, the master anti-oxidant. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that sops up free radicals and helps boost the immune system in addition to latching onto toxins and getting rid of them.

The benefit of LifeWave technology is that your own cells manufacture the glutathione. Unlike pills, drinks or even injections whereby glutathione levels in the blood rise a miniscule level, the glutathione patch causes sustained production of glutathione in your body..over 300% increase in only a couple of days.

The Carnosine patch helps your body produce another important antioxidant called carnosine. Carnosine helps the DNA in your cells repair itself and helps plump up shriveling older cells into a more youthful configuration. By restoring the full shape of the cells, nutrients can now flow in and toxins can flow out easier.

The Aeon patch helps to balance the stress response in the body. When the body is in “stress”, the body cannot heal as it is in “flight of fight” mode. Only when the body is in relaxation mode can it heal effectively. The Aeon patch balances the nervous system and increases the relaxation response.

The other interesting thing about the Aeon patch is that it has been shown to effectively decrease inflammation. Radiation exposure can cause significant inflammation which damages cells and organs. By have an effective means of decreasing inflammation, without drugs or chemicals, the Aeon patch may be helpful to prevent the damage from inflammation.

Before and after Aeon patching. Red is inflamed, Green is cooling

So my advice to anyone really concerned about protecting themselves from negative effects from radiation is to use of all three of the Y-Age anti-aging patches on a regular basis. Not only will you improve your health, you’ll look and feel younger.

Dr. Karen

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