LifeWave Training: Using Aeon to Support the Nervous System

If you haven’t already read my blog post about how to test for “brain balance”, you can learn the technique here:

What I’ve discovered since that time is that for many people you do not have to use two or more Energy Enhancer patches to do the balancing. Instead I’ve begun testing a single LifeWave Aeon patch on each of the following head points to see if I can achieve balance. In all cases so far (it has only been about 2.5 weeks), a single Aeon patch works.

Here is some LifeWave Training:

For each position below test the brain balance before and after placing the Aeon patch. Choose the best position where all three areas (left side of the brain, right side of the brain and autonomic nervous system testing) are strong on the brain balance testing. With a little practice, most people can master this test.

So why is “brain balance” important? Well, there are many “blocks” to healing. In acupuncture school we learned that scars for example, can block the healing response (and prevent acupuncture from working sometimes). The brain and nervous system, if unbalanced, can also be “blocks” to healing.

If the left and right sides of the brain do not communicate well and one side is dominant, there can be a block to healing. Also, if the autonomic nervous system
is locked on the “flight or fight” response, healing is extremely difficult. That is why I highly recommend learning Dr. Robert Stashko’s brain balance evaluation and then using patches to correct the imbalance.

So why do people go out of balance? Mostly it is due to head injuries, whiplash (even as a child), falls or environmental toxins or electromagnetic fields (cell phone use for example).

If I have someone who is unbalanced who responds positively to the Aeon or Energy patches on their head, I have them wear the patch(es) (they can use medical tape, bobby pins, hairbands or a hat) between one and twelve hours a day.

The longer they can wear the patch, the faster the balancing occurs in my experience. Some people get “balanced” within a day, others can take a couple of weeks.

If I have someone who keeps going “out of balance” after two weeks of consistent patch use, it usually means that there is a constant nervous system stress such as frequent cell phone usage, wireless home internet, or other significant electromagnetic fields in their environment. Also, toxins such as artificial sweeteners can do harm in some people.

In those cases, removing the offending cause while continuing the brain balance patching several times a week can be helpful.

By the way, I will patch my third eye point or the top of my head (GV20 point) from time to time, and I notice that I seem to have a particularly happy upbeat mood the following day! Let me know if you notice the same thing too.

If you have questions about this post, or if this is helpful to you, please comment on it.

Dr. Karen Kan

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