Triple Application of Aeon Patches for Energy Boost

LifeWave Founder and CEO David Schmidt’s triple application of the Aeon patch resulting in tremendous energy boosting effect has received overwhelmingly positive feedback, with people reporting that they felt huge gains in energy, a reduction in stress, and more balance and focus. This protocol was introduced during the product launch in January.

This placement, along the Governing Vessel meridian on the back of the body and Energy Enhancer on the Conception Vessel meridian on the front, theorizes that the patches can be used to connect these two meridians, thereby stimulating energy flow between them and ultimately bringing balance to the rest of the meridians in the body.

To try the protocol:

  • Place three Aeon patches on the back at Governing Vessel 4, Governing Vessel 10 and Governing Vessel 14.
  • Place three TAN Energy Enhancer patches on the front of the body at Conception Vessel 6, Conception Vessel 17 and Conception Vessel 23 (which are roughly parallel to the Governing Vessel points chosen for the back).


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